Maddi Simmons

AMP Operations Team

Maddi grew up in Trabuco Canyon and graduated from Tesoro High School in 2017. She is attending Santiago Canyon College as a first year college student. She plans on transferring in the next year to UCI or a school in the Midwest to pursue her schooling as a psychology major. She plans on receiving her masters and PhD in psychology in the future. 

Growing up Maddi played multiple sports with her main one being soccer. She was a 4 year varsity student athlete at Tesoro and played for some of the local clubs like Pats Academy and Strikers. She knows what it's like to play at a high level and the type of recovery that needs to be done in order to prevent injuries. She loves helping others during her free time. Maddi enjoys volunteering at the Ronald McDonald house to help the families that need support. 

Her favorite quote is "I missed 100% of the shots I didn't take" -Wayne Gretzky.


If we continue to miss opportunities in life we may never know the success those missed opportunities could have brought us.