All AMP locations now accept Selective PPO Insurances

Since each insurance is unique, we offer a free insurance verification to determine your exact coverage in our office.

Please complete the form below for submission and we will get back to you soon. If you’re interested in the Temecula location please call them directly for insurance verification 951-501-4252

If you are having an issue submitting your file please make sure it is in the correct format. HEIC & PNG files are not supported.


What insurances do you accept?

We aren't in network with any insurance plans but we do accept most PPO insurance plans as they usually have out of network coverage.

Is it more expensive to see an out of network provider?

Not necessarily. We are not bound by any insurance contracts and therefore have more flexibility with deciding patient share of costs.

I received a check from my insurance company, what is it for?

Because we are out of network with all insurance plans, the insurance company may send the payment for your care to you directly. An explanation of benefits will accompany the check and explain that the payment sent to you is to pay for your treatment in our office. You can pay your balance by bringing in the endorsed check, pay with a personal check or with a credit card.

I received an explanation of benefits and it says I owe the office, I thought I only have a copay?

You will always get an explanation of benefits from your insurance company when it processes a claim. They may say you owe money because you have a coinsurance or because there will be an amount that isn't covered. You can ignore those as we do not balance bill our patients. We accept your copay (share of cost) and what the insurance covers/pays and we write any remaining balance off to keep care affordable for our clients. * There may be exceptions to this if your insurance denies treatment for non covered services.

What services are covered with my insurance?

Each plan is different. Most plans will have chiropractic and Physio therapy coverage. Also most plans do have a yearly visit maximum. Please direct your inquiry to our billing specialist for exact coverage information.

If my insurance doesn't cover treatment with AMP, what are your cash rates & do you have a discount if I buy a package?

Please contact our office for more specific pricing information per AMP Location such as the upgrades we offer and pricing for additional time.