AMP Director of Business Development

Riza Vargas

Riza Vargas comes to AMP Sports Med & Recovery with 20 years of experience that stems from the numerous aspects of Business Administration and Management along with 7 years experience as an Athletics Coach and Fitness Trainer which aligns with AMP's goal for success in business operations. 


As a youth, Riza worked in their family businesses with marketing and promotions, competed as a Level 8 gymnast, surfed and danced hula growing up in Hawai’i. In her adult years, she continued in a lucrative business career and helped grow the retail industry in the west coast with training managers to run million dollar stores, received certifications to become a group/personal fitness trainer, loved being an athletics physical education coach, and competing in obstacle course races.


Her life long duty and love is to be a woman after God’s own heart while being a mom of two boys - equally talented, athletic, and high academic achievers. AMP Sports Med & Recovery is the business career she is excited to help build and expand with Dr. Mike Flores. Her 3 year plan with the company is to have an AMP Sports Med & Recovery and Fitness Training Facility combination! 


Just a few of my favorite quotes: “If God is making you wait, then BE PREPARED TO RECEIVE more than what you asked for!” “BE A WARRIOR, Not a Worrier” “You don’t have to be great to start, but YOU HAVE TO START TO BE GREAT!” “I will not cause pain without allowing something NEW TO BE BORN, says the Lord” Isaiah 66:9