Certified AMP Doctor

Dr. Spencer DC

Dr. Spencer became a Chiropractor after navigating his way through other health professions, including working as a personal trainer and as a radiology tech. He has been an avid athlete his entire life competing in a multitude of different sports.

Dr. Spencer first began to take an interest in the Chiropractic profession after being referred to a skilled sports chiropractor who helped him manage/recover from several injuries which he had acquired over years of competition. This led him to pursue a career in sports medicine as a sports chiropractor. He is still an avid lifter who regularly competes in powerlifting meets and feels that Chiropractic care keeps him functioning optimally.

He is passionate about all aspects of sports medicine and is continually seeking to grow his knowledge as a sports chiropractor so that he may give his patients the best care possible. He sees patients who are looking for performance enhancement at all levels of fitness, or individuals seeking to get out of pain and improve their daily wellbeing