Terri Perez 

AMP SMR Operations Team

Terri came to AMP Sports Med as a patient. With relief success to her injury because of AMP Therapy treatments, she became a firm believer and decided to be a part of AMP’s growth. Terri’s career actually coincides with AMP Sports Med & Recovery so, it is a natural fit for her to be a part of Team AMP.

Terri’s 30 year career in the fitness industry marks her reputation in Orange County. Her background in Personal Training, 20 years as a Fitness Instructor with 24 HR Fitness, and as an Instructor at Studio 5 for 6 years earned her an Ambassador status with 2014.

Maintaining a happy, loving, and godly family life is also what’s important to Terri. 24 years of marriage to Mitch, having beautiful daughters Riley and Mackenzie, and her faith in God are her true passions that have carried her successful career. AMP Sports Med & Recovery now plays an important role to interface her Fitness Instructor career. Her clients first hand can see the amazing results AMP Therapy gives with every referral she brings! 

Terri is an integral part of the Operations Management Team assisting in the progression and growth of AMP Sports Med & Recovery.