Track Athlete Performance Study

Dr. Mike Flores D.C. C.C.S.P. Head Physician

AMP Sports Med and Recovery

Treatment 1 6/3:

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Going into the treatment legs were slightly sore, tired, and Henry feeling. Immediate increase in ROM and flexibility. Legs felt fresh and light at the end. Vibrating machine worked out multiple knots. Major knot in my left calf. After all treatments including the scraping I could hardly feel the knot anymore. Normatec made them feel fresh again right away.

Check up 6/7:

Ran time trials beforehand. Still a small amount of soreness left over from Saturday weight session. At office. Initial assessment of flexibility. Vibrator machine. Extra work on outside of calves and hip flexors. PNF stretching got both legs up to 90 degrees. Iced right foot due to pain on outside of foot. Left office feeling looser. Legs are tired feeling, but feel flushed.

Treatment 2 6/14

Tightness in hamstrings and hips completely resolved. More flexibility. Calf iced. Relieved knot and tension. Treatment 3 6/21

Leg up to 90 degrees on hamstring stretch. First time ever. Was sore from workout previous day. I feel brand new. Significant improvements in how I feel after workouts and during workouts. Getting back in shape at a rapid pace.

Treatment 4 6/28

Workouts have become easier with better recovery time. Weightlifting and running. Noticeable difference in how I feel Monday to Tuesday versus Wednesday to Thursday. Wednesday Thursday is still an improvement. Increase in overall flexibility and performance.

So sorry I haven't emailed in. It's been a crazy couple of weeks. I did get time trials in. My 200 dropped to 25.96 and my 400 dropped to 57.12 and my 800 dropped to 2:16.73. I was unable to test my weights, but I have increased weight I use during sets. I would guess that all of the weights you have on file have gone up 25 pounds.

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