Massage Therapist/AMP Phoenix

Nora Tapia

Nora has been a massage therapist since 2014 and a fascial stretch therapist since 2020. Originally from California, she just recently moved to Arizona in June 2021. Nora worked for chiropractors for the first 5 years of her career, then ventured off and started working at a pain management company. During her time at the pain clinic, she began working more with athletes on the side. Nora had the great opportunity of working the BNP Paribas open as a massage therapist in their sports medicine facility. She also worked with soccer players at Benedictine University, as well as with a few professional athletes, both basketball and football. During Nora’s sessions, she applies myofascial decompression(cupping), graston technique(scraping), and FST (stretch) to help get you moving and feeling better.