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Kim Shebel

AMP Operations Team

Kim grew up in Whitter, CA and graduated from La Serna High School where she ran track & field for 4 years at the varsity level. She has been involved with sports her entire life, and as a result ended up pursuing a career in fitness. Early on, she was a chiropractic assistant receiving her certification from the Southern California University of Health Sciences (formerly Los Angeles College of Chiropractic). Currently, she is a certified Personal Trainer/Coach through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). In addition to training clients for everyday health and wellness, she is also a certified Spartan SGX Coach and Obstacle Specialist in which she trains individuals for Spartan Races and other Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) events. She believes in practicing what you preach, so she also participates in Spartan Races at the elite/age group level. Kim originally came to AMP Sports Med as a patient, and is still treated on a regular basis to not only treat injuries, but prevent other ones from occurring