Assisted Stretch Therapist/Specialist

Kayla Kass

Kayla Kassis is a college student currently pursuing a degree in Kinesiology/Exercise Science. She has always had a passion for fitness through various sports and performing arts and introduced weight training into her life 6 years ago. Kayla is a certified personal trainer based out of Self Made Training Facility HQ in Temecula, CA and has been since March 2021. Since interning in the AMP office inside Self Made HQ, her passion for helping others through health and fitness only grew. She went on to become certified in AMP techniques and procedures, and later declared her niche as assisted stretch therapy. Now, she trains clients on the facility floor AND online as an Elite Certified Personal Trainer, as well as offers treatments for soft tissue recovery and sports rehabilitation with AMP Temecula as an AMP certified “Assisted Stretch Therapist/Specialist”.


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